League Results

We will keep the results here Division by Division throughout the season. Thank you to all of you who send in the results this year.. 

NEWS 2nd July 2019

Division 4 Play off 2nd leg. Lewes BC 48 shots, Rottingdean B BC 49 shots.

Overall score Lewes BC 89 shots, Rottingdean B BC 93 shots. 

Rottingdean B will therefore play in Division 3 in 2020.

NEWS 1st July 2019

On the 24th June Hove & Kingsway BC informed the Competion Secretary that they were unable to find sufficient number of players for their A team and would not be in a position to play any more games in Division 1. The Management Committee met on 1st July and after careful considering the situation agreed to cancel all the ‘results’ involving H&K. The Division 1 results and tables published on 3rd July take into account this decision.

NEWS 25th June 2019

Division 4 Play off 1st leg: Lewes BC 41 shots, Rottingdean B BC 44 shots

NEWS 18th June 2019

Hove & Kingsway A Team have withdrawn from Division 1. There will be Meeting, in the near future to decide the points allocation for the matches played / not played.

NEWS 5th June 2019

Unfortunately there have been a few Clubs that have not adhered to the Rules, as a consequence  penalties have had to be imposed.

Rule 13b - unreadable name on score card:

     Rottingdean A - 1 point (28 May)

Rule 13c - playing unregistered players:

     Lancing BC - 1 point deducted (14 May)

     Preston  'B' - 3 points deducted (14 May) NOTE: B Team,  not the A Team.

Rule 13d - Late delivery of score cards:

     Hove & Kingsway 'A' - 3 points (14 May, only 2 cards submitted)

13e - non attendance of game:

     Hove & Kingsway A - 6 points (28 May) and -6 points (4 June)

Rule 13f - Dress Code

     Rottingdean B - 3 points deducted (14 May)

The 2018 Division winners were:

DIV 1 - Champions, Hollingbury Park  A; Relegated, Preston A

DIV 2 - Champions, Southwick Park A; Relegated, Rottingdean

DIV 3 - Champions, The Drive; Relegated, Lewes

DIV 4 - Champions, Portslade.